Why is Squeem different from other, regular shapewear?

Squeem is much more than regular shapewear. Made in Brazil for over 80 years, it is a truly curve creating line of products, which offers a completely different set of benefits. Squeem products are made with Intelligent Fabrics, a unique mix of cotton and natural rubber fused into a thin, single layer, high compressive fabric. It provides superior shaping results, corrects posture, alleviates back pain and improves your metabolism. With Squeem, you’ll feel comfortable showing your curves, and know that you are walking around with the right posture.

How do I find my size?

The proper way to find your Squeem size is to measure your natural waistline, which is the circumference three fingers above your belly button

Am I going to lose weight wearing Squeem?

Yes, you will. Due to a combination of factors: the garment’s compression produces the same effect of a lymphatic drainage, which helps you eliminate liquids, thus, losing weight. Also, the person wearing the product will feel less hungry as a result of the compression. You won’t be able to eat large meals at once and will actually eat fewer quantities, more times during the day. This in turn, will keep your metabolism working the whole day burning more calories than normal.

Will Squeem products heal my back pain?

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What are the postpartum benefits?

As a result of pregnancy, the abdominal region goes through great changes, and most women lose the shape they used to have prior to having a baby. Squeem’s unique technology will help you regain that shape. Immediately after wearing it, you will see that you’ve just lost inches on your waistline. Time to get back on your pre-pregnancy clothes!

Will I feel hot while wearing Squeem?

No, you will be quite comfortable. Your perspiration cools off your body temperature, while the cotton lining absorbs it and keeps you comfortable all day.

Will Squeem make me sweat?

Squeem’s garments, with their unique fabric, will make you perspire. However, the cotton lining which is in contact with your skin is specially designed to absorb the perspiration your body creates, so that you can go along with your daily activities without even noticing it.