Daring the Extraordinary

Our Manifest 


We are in this together.

A journey to get out there, and face the world.
No judgements.
No limits.
All confidence.


Our Heritage


Inspired by our Brazilian heritage we celebrate women’s curves through innovative everyday wear boosted with the power of shapewear. Upholding a tradition of quality and impeccable attention to detail since 1936, our family has been contributing to the beauty and fashion world with passionate innovation. Motivated by the individual beauty in every woman, our commitment to a woman’s natural form is unparalleled. The philosophy that defines the brand is longstanding yet fresh: help women break free of stereotypes with truly impactful products, responsibly made.

A pioneer within the industry with our breakthrough designs and materials, we developed our proprietary intelligent fabric. Uniquely shaping curves into the most flattering figure using a triple-filtered cotton lining for superior comfort. The intelligent fabric’s 100% natural rubber exterior allows the garment to adapt to every sensual size and shape. 


Our Intelligent Fabric


Unmatched responsibly sourced fabrics combined with expert design make for an inspired collaboration that accentuates curves on all women. With an extreme attention to detail, high precision and relentless perfectionism, we strive to pay tribute to the true beauty of every woman, of every size. A woman’s curves, paired with her consequential self assured and refined demeanor, become a timeless accessory that oozes confidence. 


Our Commitment


We celebrate the liberating feeling of loving your own body. Women have an electrifying self assurance and a genuine sense of pride that radiate from them while wearing our products. Your signature curves become immediately identifiable. Celebrate your individuality. It is what makes you unique. And extraordinary.



We embrace curves and dare you to join in.