A Brief Journey Through Shapewear

A Brief Journey Through Shapewear

Did you know that shapewear has a history spanning centuries, evolving in both function and style?

Let's cinch up some fascinating facts about its journey!

In ancient Greece and Rome, women sported wide, tight belts known as "zona" to shape their waists. Fast forward to the Victorian era, where ladies laced up for the coveted hourglass silhouette with corsets. The roaring 1920s ushered in more relaxed styles, bidding farewell to corsets and welcoming girdles. This shift paved the way for stylish shapewear, creating waist cinchers that are not only fitness staples but also fashion essentials, widely endorsed by celebrities to this day!

Enter Squeem - inspired by our Brazilian heritage, we celebrate women’s curves through innovative shapewear. Since 1936, our family has passionately contributed to the beauty and fashion world with a commitment to quality and attention to detail. We champion the natural beauty of every woman, creating products that uniquely shape curves to reveal her most captivating silhouette. As pioneers in the industry, we developed our proprietary intelligent fabric, combining a cotton lining for superior comfort and a 100% natural rubber exterior that adapts to every shape. Our unmatched fabric and expert design accentuate the true beauty of every woman, of every size. A woman’s curves, paired with her consequential self assured and refined demeanor, become a timeless accessory that oozes confidence.

So, the next time you lace up with Squeem, remember—you're not just part of a timeless, cinched-in tradition; you're embracing a legacy of shaping fashion and empowering women!

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